Present worldwide, regionally anchored. Growth-oriented, willing to partner and open to innovative ways.

Our vision at febana group is to expand the boundaries of what is possible by combining tradition and innovation. We have stuck to this guiding principle for more than six decades, expanding our knowledge and adapting to the changing world. With our broad presence in various industries, we demonstrate our strengths through expertise and adaptability.

Our brands and company are characterized by strong team spirit, quality orientation and customer focus. Long-term partnerships are crucial for us to celebrate successes together and develop innovative solutions. Through persistence, adaptability and creative thinking, we have made a name for ourselves in the dynamic industrial landscape.


Over 1.000 different product variants
for more than 20 industries.

As an innovative and future-oriented group of companies, we are proud to unite five unique brands under our roof. Each brand represents our values, our commitment and our passion for excellence.



Febana Febana

Technologies that connect people

In the ever-changing landscape of the industry, febana group strives to be not just a participant but a pioneer. Our vision is to go beyond the limits of possibility by combining tradition with innovation. We have been committed to excellence in precision engineering since 1959, and this passion continues to drive us today.



auto_graph Commitment & Integrity

We firmly believe that our work is more than just the products we make – it is a testament to our commitment, integrity and relentless drive to improve the world around us


extension Partnerships that are sustainable

At febana group, we are not only proud of what we have achieved so far, but are also excited about what lies ahead. Together with you, we look to a future in which precision, passion and innovation go hand in hand to achieve great things.